Friday, 20 July 2018

Mini paintings 7cm x 7cm.

With an exhibition of paintings about to open - now it's time for the mini paintings to accompany the big ones!

Across the Solway to Criffel.

Carrock Fell.

Ardnave point circular walk, Islay.

A must for Islay - the Ardnave point circular walk.

Views ......

A flock of 40+ choughs. 

Female hen harrier.

Mid bronze age ceramics from near Ardnave farm. 

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Beinn Bheigier, Islay.

Lovely views, with eagles, on this little ( 1611ft) peak.

Views of and from Beinn Bheigier

Golden eagle............

Golden eagle.......

Dwarf willow, fir club moss and juniper. 

Left: keeled skimmer
Right: golden-ringed dragonfly and four-spot chaser.

Quartzite breccia and a pebble/gravel conglomerate.

Beautiful calm waters at Claggain Bay.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Mini paintings of Carrock Fell.

With an exhibition coming up at Mae's Tearooms it's kind of busy! Here are a few mini paintings. They are 7cm x 7cm and stand on an easel - painted using a palette knife only. These are Carrock Fell.

 ..and ...the Solway - across to Criffel.

Killinallan to below Bholsa

Some more nice pictures! Another days walk ....
Top: a dyke with good cooling cracks and folded quartzite beds,
Bottom: general views 

Nice colours! 

Heath-spotted orchids.

Keeled skimmer; small copper and an orb-web spider of some kind.

Top: goose barnacles.
Bottom: buoy barnacles - another species of stalked barnacle and a by-the-wind-sailor. 

Killinallan and the beaches beyond the Doodilmore river. 

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Bowmore to Laggan point, Islay.

A duller day weather-wise, but another good walk out; this time from Bowmore to Laggan point.

Compass jelly in amongst eel grass; shag; fulmars; the trig point on Laggan point and seals.

Minke whale.
The yellow- horned poppy is now well established after discovery last year.

Monday, 16 July 2018

Clematis watercolour.

It's not often I do a watercolour painting, but our clematis is so full of blooms at the moment that I ended up doodling and then painting.