Sunday, 9 July 2017

Low Force to High Force - Teesdale - a spectacular summer flora.

A very pleasant walk alongside the River Tees. Driving over from Alston to Teesdale the melancholy thistle stands were spectacular to say the least! Down in the dale the summer flowers were out and the bank sides spectacular. An abundance of meadowsweet, red clover, harebells, greater burnet, alpine bistort, ragged robin, shrubby cinquefoil, devil's bit scabious, bog asphodel, common rockrose and betony ...and more.

Left: above High Force and High Force
Right: Low Force and between High and Low Force.

Meadow, bog asphodel, harebell, juniper berries, betony and greater burnet.

Mountain pansies ....past their best but I can never resist them! 
Field sketch above High Force.

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