Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Dying with Kemtex acid dyes.

This morning Tom and I had a great time dying bits of fleece - guided by a very generous friend. We'd taken along some black-nosed valais fleece from Camp House farm near Rosley in Cumbria and also used some blue-faced Leicester.

The fleece was from David - on the right. 

 Having washed the fleece (2 hours steeping in hot as I could handle water with a bit of washing up liquid) and then spun dried it in a pillow case, it was soaked in 25% white vinegar solution for 20 minutes.

Then it was drained and placed in a pan - covered with water and the dye solution added. It was then brought to the boil and left to cool before draining and drying.

The dying .....

The drying........

..and what to do with it? Well it looks nice just as it is, but it'll be spun, woven and felted ...

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