Thursday, 12 April 2018

Dob's Linn graptolites

A cold trip out to Dob's Linn, near Moffatt. This is a classic locality for graptolites - various species - made famous by the work of Charles Lapworth.

Quoting from

Lapworth recognised the importance of the graptolite fossils within the rocks of the Southern Uplands, and how they could be used to zone and correlate the sequences across the area. He realised that in order to record individual rock units, and associated graptolite biozones, the area had to be mapped in great detail. He pioneered the use of detailed, large-scale geological mapping, which proved vital for the interpretation of the geological structure and history of the region. His work resulted in the Geological Survey having to re-map and re-interpret the entire area, and producing in 1899 the great Memoir on the Geology of the Southern Uplands of Scotland which has been described as 'a monument of the man [Lapworth] who made it possible'.

The photos below show different graptolites that we found linked to their stage in graptolite evolution. These are likely to be Number 1: Dicellograptus, No 2: Climacograptus and No 3: Rastrites.

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