Thursday, 5 April 2018

Poldhu to Porthleven

A good walk out today! We had intended to walk from Poldhu to Porthleven along Loe Bar and Porthleven Sands...the only trouble was that the coastal path from Loe Bar to Porthleven is closed as the cliff has collapsed and the redirected footpath is rather a tortuous route to say the least! The pastie in Porthleven was worth it, but at 16 miles rather than 10 it was rather a long day! Loe bar is currently undergoing works too, as the pipe that takes water under the bar was damaged by winter storms and the EA are having to carry out pumping and repairs to protect the freshwater lake. The diversion along the edge of The Loe was good and popular ...past Penrose (National Trust) and then down a narrow road into Porthleven.

General views; bluebells; a leaf beetle and kestrel. 

Lovely folding and textures in the rocks at the back of Loe Bar. 
Not the shortest or driest of diversions!
Porthleven ....

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