Monday, 2 April 2018

Serpentine at Soap Rock, near Kynance Cove.

Whilst on our walk from Predannack Wollas to Kynance Cove yesterday we passed by the old quarry at Soap Rock - just by Gew-graze; otherwise known as Soapy Cove. The soapstone was apparently mined ( from Mullion down to the Lizard and the crushed rock was used in the making of soft paste porcelain. This was important as previously  porcelain had to be imported from China, porcelain being the only available material that in the 1700s that was able to withstand the boiling water required for the making of tea and coffee. Metal containers obviously could too, but were too expensive for general usage. In the quarry there were super exposures of serpentine, with which soapstone is associated. A geology blog will be forthcoming at some stage! In the meanwhile here are some pretty pictures of serpentine!

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