Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Skiddaw - the pleasant way!

I know that Skiddaw is often regarded as a slog, and the last few hundred feet undeniably was, but this was a lovely route - some great ridge walking and a gentle descent - far better that reversing our route up! Starting down near Bassenthwaite village up the ridge to; Watches ( lovely big rocks); Ullock Pike - surrounded by heather; Longside; Carlside;  three Skiddaw summits; Broad End; Bakestall and Cockup before returning along a brief stretch of road to the car. We would have avoided the road bit but after an encounter with a herd of cows with calves and a bull, on the footpath and they wouldn't move, we didn't fancy any more field based footpath!
The bilberry bumblebee - adapted to higher altitudes and in decline probably due to climate change. 

Happy Rocky!

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