Sunday, 14 May 2017

Hanging Shaw ....Falcon Clints ....Cauldron Snout and Cow Green round walk.

It's always hard picking the day to travel over to Teesdale to do this splendid walk - about 13 miles in total, Well today was the day and despite a keen breeze it was superb. The views splendid - the river Tees that beautiful bright blue and the flowers were all out: spring gentians; bird's-eye primrose and alpine bartsia. Peewits were displaying and protecting young as were the grouse. We had a lovely encounter with a female red grouse defending her chicks and spotted black grouse on the way home. A pint at the Langdon Beck Hotel once again completed a perfect day. I was so privileged, although it might not have felt it at the time, to have lived in Upper Teesdale for the couple of years that I did.

Cow Green - bottom left - in need of some rain! 

Black grouse bottom left - red grouse on the right. 

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