Saturday, 17 June 2017

Clints Crags, Bothel.

This is a short walk but very varied with some of the best views into Central Lakes ....and it's on our doorstep. The verges were full of water avens, common spotted orchids, yellow rattle and ox-eye daisies. Large skippers were in abundance and it was rather warm! Warm enough for the sheep to be sitting in the shade. The wind was strong though, so some of the pictures aren't the best - the rockrose was waving frantically in the wind and even at a 4000th of a second the pics aren't as sharp as I'd like! 

Views over Bassenthwaite and Skiddaw .
The ruined farmhouse at the crags.
Large skippers.
Traditional Cumbrian gate stoops. 
Rockrose in the wind...

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