Wednesday, 6 December 2017

A bird orientated walk from Singleton campus, Swansea.

Tom walked from the University in Swansea (Singleton campus) along the beach through Blackpill and West Cross to the Mumbles. Then along the coastal footpath past Middle Head to Bracelet Bay along to Limeslade Bay; then up onto the path back to Middle Head and back to the university along the coast path. The weather was full sun without a cloud in the sky, but very cold at around 5 degrees, however the sun meant it was still tshirt weather on the way there.
Top left 3: on the walk back there were 3 different families of long-tailed tits with around 6 individuals in each group.
Top right: Goldcrest in a conifer at Black Pill.
Bottom left: redshank and oystercatchers along the coast of Mumbles and Black pill.
Bottom Right: Stonechat on the heather and gorse moorland areas of Mumbles Hill nature reserve. The highlight however had to be the three sightings of a green-woodpecker at Bracelet bay as it flew by and landed on the limestone bedrock then flew up again and over towards Langland Bay.

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