Monday, 2 April 2018

Coverack to Black Head and on to Pedn Boar.

This has to be one of the muddiest walks I've done! After last night's rain the path was extremely  muddy - especially the diversion just out of Coverack. The views were ok, but the gorse had been recently burnt. Black Head was described in the middle 19th century as being ' a bare and gloomy promontory, but remarkable for the beauty of its serpentine'. The look out station on Black Head was open and has informative boards inside. It was in use until 1987. We even managed to find some of the 'graffitti' carved into the rocks by the huers as they awaited the next sighting of pilchards.

Black Head look out.

Huers' carvings.

Spring squill - hopefully it'll be fully out by the end of our week - there was certainly a lot on Black Head. 
The state of the path left something to be desired! 

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