Saturday, 4 July 2015

Complete coastal hunter gatherer course in south-west Scotland

Over the last week Tom's been on the complete coastal hunter gatherer course run by the Coastal survival school (
He thoroughly enjoyed it and was buzzing with ideas and experiences when he came back. The whole experience was fab and the food - well I'm waiting for the fish stews, soups and chilli!
The guys who ran it were brilliant; very supportive and knowledgeable (run by Fraser Christian). Thanks lads!
Willow crab trap; a variety of oak and blackthorn hooks on nettle cordage.

Bass; working the lines; preserving the fish above the fire; shanny (which was not eaten!);
 starry-eyed smooth hound; dog fish; bass; dover sole.


  1. Thank you! Was a pleasure to have Tom with us, he was by far the best student overall and the youngest, a true credit to himself and you all!

  2. Thank. you - he's hoping to come and join you this year at some stage too. He just loved the course.