Thursday, 23 July 2015

High Pike and Dry Gill shales

A lovely walk up High Pike via the Dry Gill shales. Lots of shiny minerals to find and a rather poor specimen of trilobite - well the head anyway. On the summit of High Pike there was a good expanse of Thamnolia ( an upland specialist - not that common in the Lake District) and also a 'high level' wasp feeding on the thyme flowers. On  the way down - a lovely emperor moth caterpillar feeding on bilberry.
Carrock Fell; looking over Bowscale tarn and a view from High Pike over Caldbeck.

Top left - copper
Top right- mimetite - campylite - green barrel shaped crystals that are mainly lead based and associated with quartz, apparently Dry Ghyll is a world famous site for these! 
Bottom right - trilobite head.
Lichen fruiting bodies; thamnolia; wasp on thyme and a fabulous emperor moth caterpillar.

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