Monday, 11 June 2018

Low Force to High Force - along the Tees.

Yesterday we walked from Low Force to High Force along the Tees - the flowers were superb- verdant and abundant. The weather was warm, until we reached High Force, when the heavens opened for 30 minutes to deliver an absolutely deluge of cold and icy water mixed in with hail onto us! As we walked back through quite deep puddles, the sun came out, the ground steamed and we soon dried off! So glad I took the photographs of the flowers on the way out before they were flattened! A separate floristic blog will follow after the scenery and various other photos!

From Low Force to High Force. 

General views - meadows, waterfalls and juniper.

Chimney sweeper moth, bird-cherry ermine moth caterpillars, roe deer, lapwing and cinnabar moth. 

Carvings along the path set into the walls. 

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