Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Carlisle bottle-tip vulcanite stoppers.

The numerous different stoppers from ginger-beer, beer and pop bottles found at the Carlisle victorian bottle tip.

Column 1 (Left): Carlisle Old Brewery (vulcanite, ceramic and chisel stopper)
Column 2: Carlisle New Brewery (vulcanite)
Column 3: Minns of Carlisle (vulcanite & lignum vitae wood)
Column 4: Grahams of Carlisle (vulcanite)
Column 5 & 6: Underwoods of Carlisle (vulcanite and other vulcanite chisel stoppers)
Column 7 (Right): Denwoods of Carlisle (lignum vitae wood and vulcanite)

Bottom rectangle: a selection of other stoppers found at the tip.

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