Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Moving on from what I can do...

It's too easy to repeat things you have done or do things you know you can do. I save files called 'Art I like' ...'Things to try'....but then it comes down to priorities. Do I replenish stocks; try something new; risk failure and waste precious time; follow my instincts....or work on the salaried day job? Well on an afternoon with only an hour to spare and lots of things I should be doing, it was time to take a risk. I want to develop a more painterly technique for my pastels (and there aren't many of them) so here's an A1 sketch using acrylics and pastels. It's from one of my photos of Mawbray Banks last August when all the heather was out - whatever you think, it was time I enjoyed - time out for myself and it has inspired me to say - yes I will go out tomorrow - en plein - and hope it isn't too windy or cold and I can find a suitable atmospheric subject! ...or that I don't feel I have to succumb to gardening or housework or catching up on the day job!

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