Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Parton to Harrington...

We really should have planned these walks in some sort of order as today we returned to Parton and walked in the opposite direction towards Workington. To be fair it was an enjoyable walk - always nice to be on the coast; not as spectacular as other parts of Cumbria's coast but interesting,  none the less, given the industrial heritage. The sea was flat calm and the Isle of Man was very clear ...we could even just make out Ireland on the far horizon. Harrington itself is an odd little spot ...a harbour, stony beach - mainly slag and good views up and down the coast. Just a pity the icecream van left the beach carpark just as we arrived!

Top left - Parton: top right Harrington.
Other photos of the coastal walk.
Harrington harbour ...and a random toad! 
Lovely rusty bits on the groynes at Harrington. 
The Isle of Man. 

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